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2/3 bhk flats for sale @ kanakapura road, opposite holiday village resort, at best prices and for immediate registration, the project is located in noise free place, with greenery around, near to schools and colleges, and proposed metro station and with best prices in the industry!!!! visit to explore more.
2/3 bhks flats ready to move with immediate possession, @ kanakapura Road, opposite Holiday Village resort, beautiful atmosphere, no hassle of traffic and noise, pollution free as the area is surrounded by greenery, with best prices in the industry, budgeted flats, visit to explore more!!!!!
2/3 bhk flats for sale @ kanakapura road, opposite Holiday Village resort, ready to occupy, with best prices, 100% vasthu , located in best place , surrounded by greenery, noise free, polution free location, The best Home of your choice, at affordable prices, with basic amenities, visit to explore!!!!
2/3 Bhks flats ready to move, with immediate Registration, immediate possession, surrounded with greenery, near to schools and colleges, near to Metro proposed station, with basic amenities, best prices, budgeted flats @ affordable prices!!!! Visit to explore!!!
2/3 BHK flats for sale and very affordable prices, in Kanakapura Road, the Hot cake as for as Real estate is concerned , this area is well equipped with all renowned colleges, schools, Malls, Hospitals, Metro stations to reach your destination with out traffic jams, Beauty of Mahaghar Vajra is it is surrounded by Greenery, budgeted flats, in very affordable prices, immediate possession, ready to move flats!!! visit to explore more, Mahaghar Vajra!!!! off Kanakapura road, Opposite Holiday village resort, the best price and place to staty with your loved ones!!!